Outdoor Access Points

With a wide operational temperature range and a robust build quality, experience connectivity that endures every element, even in the most challenging conditions.

Features Overview

Quantum Networks Outdoor Wireless Access Points are meticulously designed to conquer the outdoors, providing seamless Wi-Fi coverage in areas where connectivity matters most. These access points are your gateway to enhanced connectivity outdoors. Equipped with weatherproof features, they brave the elements while ensuring a reliable and high-speed Wi-Fi experience.

  • Smart Antenna and MU-MIMO Technology
    High data rates in high-density and high-interference settings.
  • SFP Backhaul Port
    Backhaul data over fiber without additional hardware, converting Fiber to Ethernet.
  • Outdoor-ready
    Stay ahead with the latest Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) technology for optimal performance. Experience high-speed data rates of up to 5.9 Gbps for demanding applications. Enjoy lightning-fast connectivity with 2.5 GbE connectivity.
  • Industrial-Grade IP67 Enclosure
    Withstand extreme temperatures and dusty environments with an IP67 rating.
  • Extreme Environment Endurance
    Operate flawlessly across a broad temperature spectrum from -40°C (-40°F) to +65°C (+149°F).
  • Enhanced Security Measures
    Protect your assets with built-in theft prevention functionality, ensuring deployment only on authorized networks.
  • Centralized Management
    Easily manageable through a centralized platform and supported by Quantum Rudder, with the flexibility to deploy as a standalone access point.

Experience the future of outdoor connectivity with Quantum Networks Outdoor Access Points. From transportation hubs to smart cities, these access points are your solution for deploying secure, reliable outdoor hotspots. Enjoy the cost-efficient connectivity of Wi-Fi 6 without compromising performance.

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