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Quantum® Wi-Fi access points are engineered to power next generation of wireless first access network. No matter what your challenge – Higher speeds, Low latency, density, coverage, centralised monitoring – Consider all that solved.

Quantum Networks Wireless Devices

Quantum® Networks provides a diversity of hardware choices. From the Quantum® range of APs, you have a choice of various hardware options as suitable.

Zero wait data plane for faster Wi-Fi networks

  • Data plane engineering to provide enhanced Wi-Fi Quality of Experience.
  • No road bumps, no red light for your Wi-Fi traffic. Just an uncluttered expressway.
  • Airbender agent constantly monitors air medium and provide the best possible Wireless path to connected clients.
  • WMM profiles optimize priority to real-time applications like Voice and Video.

Centrally Managed with Cloud Hosted RUDDER

  • Manage distributed networks with one console.
  • Easily deploy Indoor, In-room & Outdoor solutions.

Security is always a priority with Q-Hawkeye

  • Intrusion detection system to detect both Wireless and Wired network threats.
  • Intrusion prevention system to prevent security threats from causing any damage.
  • Threats monitored: Rogue AP, Honey post, Wi-Fi DOS, Wired DOS, Soft APs, Mobile hotspots and more. Our engineering team constantly upgrades threat signatures.
  • Automatically deploy known CVE. Quantum® SECURE provides a unique passphrase to each user.

Software-defined networking - Truly in play

Quantum® Wireless access gateways (Q-WAG) allow you to roll out many different applications by centrally managing the forwarding plane of the access point. All this is done with our patent pending technology without being in the data path.

  • Admission control of Visitors.
  • Managing user QoS by layer-3 parameters like throughput, data transfer quota or time.
  • Manage QoS for layer-7 parameters like permitted applications and quota for those permitted applications.
  • Easy deployment of lawful intercept taps.
  • No sweat. Traffic logging and policy enforcement.

Integrated Quantum® Identity Manager

RUDDER-NSC has integrated Identity Manager to manage your enterprise users and devices. Centrally manage Users/devices. Link users to policies and permissions. Secure your network.

Services Stack to get more out of your investments.

Quantum® Networks service stack to easily add, drop, and scale enhanced services to your Wi-Fi deployments.

QSMP – Service Management Platform to manage
large-scale hotspots.

QPASS – Password-less authentication platform
for going passwordless and shifting to certificate-based


Indoor Access Points

  • Wi-Fi 5 and Wi-Fi 6 access points for ultra-high-speed performance feet in densely populated areas.
  • Delivers higher coverage and speed.
  • Suitable for enterprises, educational institutions, healthcare, boutique hotels, and many more. 

In-Room Access Points

  • Ideally designed for room Wi-Fi coverage.
  • Ideal for small offices, hotel guest rooms, small clinics, and homes. 

Outdoor Access Points

  • Allows extending Wi-Fi to outdoor locations.
  • A weatherproof access point is ideal for outdoor locations like a park, open-air restaurants, smart cities, and many more.

Easily scale your network to thousands / Millions of Access Points.

  • Full range of features, reporting, and logs needed by enterprises.
  • Integrate with non-Quantum® devices with TR-069 integration and Quantum® Collab.
  • Auto-provisioning, to easily onboard the devices.
  • Automatic firmware upgrades and Inventory management.
  • On the Go management with Quantum® ACE App.

QN-Assist support team to assist your team.

We have your back covered. Qualified QN-Assist engineers are
available to support you with successful Wi-Fi deployments.