Quantum Rudder is our cloud-based solution that simplifies network management. It allows you to access, manage, and troubleshoot your network from anywhere in the world. Experience the freedom and flexibility that Quantum Rudder offers and say goodbye to the limitations of in-person network management.

Key Highlights​

Centralized Multi-site Network Management

Automated Configuration Backups

Easy Deployment of Networking Policies

Automated Software Updates

Data Archival for Network Analytics

Rudder Architecture

Flexible Deployment Options

Managed Cloud Controller

Elevate your business to new heights with Rudder’s cloud services. Embrace the agility and innovation of cloud computing, engineered to meet your unique needs.

Rudder Virtual Appliance (On-Prem)

Dive into the world of virtualization with Rudder’s advanced technology. Easily deploy and manage virtual environments for enhanced efficiency and scalability.

Rudder Appliances (On-Prem)

Rudder offers robust hardware services, ensuring your infrastructure operates at peak performance. From streamlined operations to superior reliability, experience the strength of optimized hardware.

Flexible Deployment Options

  • Quantum Rudder is a cloud-based solution that enables users to oversee their entire network from anywhere worldwide.
  • Effortlessly manage extensively distributed networks, whether within a single campus or across multiple campuses, all through a unified console.
  • In addition, we offer on-premises device management and standalone device management for added flexibility and customization.

Airbender - An adaptive, reliable solution for high-performance wireless networks.


Quantum Networks offers various advanced security features, such as spectrum analysis,
IDS attack detection and advanced wireless containment with AirBender.
It is a versatile tool that can be deployed in different modes, depending on the environment's needs. These modes include AP mode, air monitor (AM) mode and spectrum monitor (SM) mode.
It helps detect wireless scanning, wired rogue AP detection and rogue detection for 802.11ac.
AirBender excels in classifying rogue APs, detecting intrusion detection systems (IDS) and providing comprehensive alerting and reporting functionalities.
AirBender can scan wired devices for additional rogue detection and it has highly customizable classification rules best suited to your environment.


Security center to manage security across wireless and wired networks:
Automated Categorization:
Quantum Hawkeye swiftly categorizes wireless devices using patented Marker Packet TM methodologies, eliminating manual scanning and simplifying device security management.
Comprehensive Wireless Defense:
Quantum Hawkeye defends against diverse wireless threats, covering rogue access points, soft access points, Wi-Fi DoS attacks and more, ensuring thorough protection for enterprise networks.
Core Network Security:
Focused on best-in-class security, Quantum Hawkeye secures the core of enterprise networks by efficiently countering wireless threats, contributing to a resilient and secure network environment for confident risk identification and mitigation by security administrators.

Quantum ACE | Mobile app for device configuration and monitoring

Quantum ACE is a Quantum Networks mobile application for on-premises Quantum wireless networks to monitor users’ real-time wireless network performance and troubleshoot client and RF issues with mobile tools. An extension of the Quantum Rudder Network and Service Controller mobile application, it takes your network management to the next level.

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