Key Highlights

802.1x/WPAx Enterprise Authentication Services.

Secure Network Access With Confidence.

Manage Trusted Users and Trusted Devices

  • Management portal to manage trusted users who can access network resources using 802.1x.
  • Manage trusted corporate devices by issuing X.509 certificates.
  • Manage BYOD devices of employees.

Integrates with Industry Leading Vendors-Gsuite /Microsoft AD / Okta

  • Integrate your existing Active Directory easily.
  • Synchronize users from Gsuite/Office 365.
  • Extend Okta identities with Single Sign-on (SSO).
  • Monitor Directory Service

    • Monitor authentication attempts, success and failure.
    • Fingerprint access devices.
    • Alerts and logs for auditing.

    Key Features

    Manage Network Policy

    • Secure wired port connection.
    • Flexible policy-driven VLAN assignment.
    • Manage Inter-site roaming policy.

    Manage Security Policy

    • Password complexity and expiry.
    • Filter based on Source IP address, country of access, or time of access.
    • Automatically block malicious attempts.

    Managed PKI Services

    • Issue X.509 certificates.
    • Integrated PKI services.
    • Connect with external PKI services.

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