OUTDOOR – WI-FI 6 (802.11ax)


QN-O-490 built-in with smart antenna and MU-MIMO technology provide high data rates even in high-density and high-interference environments. SFP backhaul port allows service providers to backhaul data over fiber without the need for additional hardware devices to convert Fiber to Ethernet. QN-O-490 is manageable through a centralized platform and supported by Quantum Rudder. QN-O-490 can also be deployed as a standalone access point.

Each access point comes with a one-year limited liability manufacturer’s warranty from the date of activation and theft prevention functionality to protect assets from misuse.

Multi-Gig Ethernet Support

SFP Port

2.5 GbE Connectivity


Outdoor – Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax)
Up to 5.9 Gbps Data Rate

2.4 GHz - 4x4,
5 GHz - 4x4,
MU-MIMO with

1 Year Warranty

Delivering high-performance outdoor Wi-Fi access.
Deploy secure and reliable outdoor hotspots at Transportation hubs, Stadiums, Smart cities and Rural Wi-Fi setups
Cost-Efficient Connectivity
Reduces operational costs and the expense of additional hardware required for deployment by service providers/telcos. SFP port provides high-speed fiber backhaul without any additional hardware.
Industrial grade IP67 enclosure
IP67 rating can withstand challenging environments of extreme temperatures and dusty environments.


Phenomenal Wi-Fi performance.
Engineered for phenomenal Wi-Fi performance even in high-density environments for demanding voice and video applications. Provides improved coverage, increased capacity, and seamless performance in dense environments.
Theft prevention functionality
Access Point is locked for deployment in any other network until decommissioned from the existing network.
Easy to manage.
Easily manage Wi-Fi infrastructure through the feature-rich Quantum Rudder management console.