Use Case

Education Sector


Wi-Fi is essential in educational campuses, enabling enhanced learning experiences, seamless collaboration and efficient communication. It supports remote and mobile learning initiatives while facilitating administrative functions. Moreover, Wi-Fi fosters the integration of innovative technologies like Virtual Reality (VR) and multimedia content delivery, contributing to a dynamic and interactive educational ecosystem.


Every year, a significant number of students enroll for new admissions, while an equivalent number complete their studies. Managing device access for these students is a substantial task.

Students and academic staff require secure Wi-Fi access for their academic activities.
During exams, students should not have Wi-Fi access, while teachers should have unrestricted access.
Bandwidth restrictions are required when students are in the hostel and Wi-Fi access in the hostel should be disabled during classroom sessions.
Guests should be provided with limited access, including access to the internet only, with bandwidth and data restrictions in place.


To Manage and Automate the Student Access

services (Radius, AD, G Suite, O365), ensuring efficient access to network and mail services without the need for duplicated efforts in managing student accounts across platforms

Restriction of Bandwidth and/or Data Usage

Quantum provides a feature whereby the administrator can manage bandwidth and data usage.

Time-Based Restrictions of Wi-Fi

Quantum provides a feature whereby administrators can manage bandwidth and data usage.

Guest Access Management

QSMP is a service by Quantum that provides various ways to onboard the user, restrict bandwidth, data usage and push the user directly to the gateway to access the Internet.