In-Room Access Points

Transform your room into a hub of connectivity with our In-Room Access Points, where seamless Wi-Fi meets compact efficiency. Perfect for spaces that demand reliability and high-speed connectivity.

Features Overview

Quantum Networks’ in-room Wireless Access Points redefine Wi-Fi coverage within confined spaces, catering to small offices, hotel guest rooms, clinics and homes. Tailored for diverse structures, these access points effortlessly integrate with hospitality and residential areas, supporting a spectrum of IoT devices. Boasting a robust real-world data rate of up to 2.9 Gbps, these access points ensure fast, secure and reliable performance. Featuring Power over Ethernet (PoE) and pass-through capabilities, directly powers connected devices for ultimate convenience.

  • High-Performance Connectivity
    Achieve a maximum real-world data rate of up to 2.9 Gbps. MU-MIMO with OFDMA ensures optimal performance for multiple devices.
  • IoT Integration
    Simplify IoT integration with broad device support, minimizing the need for standalone networks.
  • PoE Connectivity with Wi-Fi 6 features
    Streamline connections with PoE port and amplify performance using Wi-Fi 6 features such as OFDMA, Wake Time, BSS, Spatial Reuse.
  • Easy Management
    Quantum Rudder management console for seamless Wi-Fi infrastructure management.
  • Enhanced Security Measures
    Theft prevention functionality ensures access points remain secure until decommissioned.
  • Next-Generation Networks
    Build the next-gen guest Wi-Fi networks effortlessly.

Elevate your room’s connectivity with our In-Room Access Points, where technology meets simplicity. Enjoy phenomenal Wi-Fi 6 performance, easy management and enhanced security. Backed by a three-year warranty, it’s not just about connectivity; it’s about empowerment.

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