Not Your Basic Wi-Fi.

Switch to Super Wi-Fi.

Quantum Wi-Fi access points solve inconsistent speeds, high latency,
poor density, coverage and monitoring issues for wireless networks.

Seamless Connectivity Redefined

Discover Quantum Wi-Fi Access Points
  • Unmatched Performance Excellence
    Highlighting the unparalleled performance featuring higher speeds, low latency and seamless real-time interactions for an exceptional user experience.
  • Coverage Density Leadership
    Showcasing best-in-class coverage density to accommodate a multitude of connected devices, ensuring reliable connectivity across diverse environments.
  • Centralized Monitoring for Business Empowerment
    Emphasizing the significance of centralized monitoring and control, enabling businesses to thrive in a data-driven world through efficient network management.
  • Synergy of Hardware and Software Mastery
    Exploring the perfect synergy between hardware prowess and sophisticated software algorithms, redefining the landscape of seamless wireless connectivity.

Easily scale your network to thousands of access points.

Full range of features, reporting and logs needed by large enterprise customers.
Integrate with non-Quantum devices with TR-069 integration.
Auto-provisioning to easily onboard devices.
Automatic firmware upgrades and inventory management.
On-the-Go management with the Quantum ACE app.

Quantum Networks Wireless Devices

Quantum Networks Access Points

  • Indoor, Outdoor and Room environment options available.
  • Incorporates advanced Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 5 technology.

Spatial Stream Configurations

  • Supports various spatial stream configurations: 8×8, 4×4, 2×2.

Flexible WAN Uplink Options

  • Choose from 5G, 2.5G or 1G WAN uplink options.

Connectivity Choices

  • Multiple connectivity choices, including Ethernet, fiber and USB ports.
  • Ports available for both WAN and LAN peripherals.

Indoor Access Points

Revolutionize connectivity with high-performance Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 5 access points. Ideal for diverse sectors like large enterprises, financial institutions, education campuses, healthcare facilities, manufacturing plants, boutique hotels, ensuring ultra-high-speed, extended coverage and seamless connectivity in densely populated areas.

In-room Access Points

In-Room access points are specifically designed to provide optimal Wi-Fi coverage within individual rooms. They are perfect for small offices, hotel guest rooms, small clinics and residential homes, thus ensuring reliable and high-speed connectivity for all your wireless devices in a compact and efficient solution.

Outdoor Access Points

Outdoor access points are purpose-built for resilient Wi-Fi in logistics parks, robotic plants, open-air venues and smart cities. Weatherproof and high-speed, they enhance connectivity in logistics, robotics and customer experiences. Contributing to smart cities, supporting applications like traffic management and public Wi-Fi, fostering urban connectivity.

Zero-wait data plane for faster Wi-Fi networks

  • Data plane engineered to provide an unparalleled Wi-Fi quality of experience.
  • No speed bump for your Wi-Fi traffic. Just an uncluttered expressway.
  • Airbender agents constantly monitor radio frequencies and provide the best possible wireless path to connected clients.
  • WMM (Wi-Fi multimedia) profiles optimize priority for real-time applications like Voice and Video.

Security is always a priority with Q-Hawkeye

  • Intrusion Detection System (IDS) detects both Wireless and Wired network threats.
  • Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS) prevents sophisticated security threats from providing unauthorized access to corporate resources.
  • Threats monitored: Rogue access points, Honeypots, Wi-Fi DoS, Wired DoS, Soft APs, Mobile hotspots and more. Threat signatures are constantly updated.
  • Automatically remediate known CVEs.
Increase Efficiency with OFDMA.
OFDMA provides better frequency reuse in low-bandwidth applications with reduced latency and increased efficiency.
Connect more devices with MU-MIMO.
MU-MIMO increases capacity and provide higher speeds per user.
Pack More Data With 1024-QAM.
1024-QAM Support increases throughput data rates 25% faster than 256-QAM.

Elevate Your Connectivity Experience
with Wi-Fi 6

Reduce power consumption with target wake time.
Access points can increase client device sleep time, optimize spectral efficiency by reducing contention and overlap between clients and save client device battery life.
Minimize Wi-Fi Conflicts with your neighbour.
BSS coloring reduces co-channel interference and enables more simultaneous transmissions.
More Speed and Greater Stability.
Long OFDM Symbol helps to Increase efficiency, coverage and improve data rates.

Software-defined Networking: Truly in play

Quantum Wireless Access Gateways (Q-WAG) centrally manage access point forwarding with our patent-pending technology without data path interference.

QN-Assist support team to assist your team.

We have your back covered. Qualified QN-Assist engineers are available to support you with successful Wi-Fi deployments.

Our commitment to unparalleled performance, seamless coverage and advanced security ensures that you experience connectivity like never before. Whether it’s for indoor, outdoor or in-room settings, our high-speed, reliable solutions are designed to meet your unique needs. With the power of Wi-Fi 6 technology, we guarantee a faster, more stable and efficient wireless future. Choose Quantum Networks for innovation that transforms the way you connect. Your journey to exceptional connectivity starts here.