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    Basic Configurations:
  • See model, firmware version, MAC address, public IP, date the AP was added, date of the latest revision.
  • Modification of AP names.
  • Choose IP Schema from DHCP, STATIC or PPPoE.
  • Reboot AP.
  • Remote firmware upgrades.
  • Easily move the AP from one group to another.
  • Easily move the AP from one site to another.

  • Radio Configurations:
  • Change radio mode (802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11b/g/n).
  • Select channel or choose the ‘Auto’ mode.
  • Set Tx Power.
  • Choose the channel width: 20 or 40 or 80 MHz.
  • Control 2.4 GHz and 5GHz radios independently.

  • SSID Configurations:
  • Enable up to 8 SSIDs per each access point.
  • Create new SSIDs, open or public (WEP, WPS2-PSK, external splash page with or without Radius AAA).
  • Make an SSID invisible.
  • Isolate clients.
  • Set bandwidth limits.

  • Network Mode:
  • Select Network mode: Each SSID or LAN port connects to the Internet.
  • Bridge mode: SSID and or LAN port can individually be bridged through the WAN port.
  • Router mode: SSIDs and or LAN port can individually be routed through WAN port, activating NAT and DHCP. It is possible to have a single DHCP server per each SSID, if needed.
  • Manually configure static IP addressing, specifying IP, Subnet Mask, Gateway, Primary DNS server, and Secondary DNS server.
  • Alternatively, enable dynamic IP addressing (DHCP client).

  • Bandwidth Restriction:
  • Manage per SSID Bandwidth Restriction from Quantum RUDDER.

  • Access Point statistics.
  • Real-time status of the access point and last heartbeat.
  • Status of the AP during the previous seven days, with exact date and time per issue.
  • Real-time Load % on RAM/CPU, drop and error rates.
  • Number of connected clients and aggregated download and upload bitrate.
  • History of configuration revisions.

  • Client Statistics:
  • Access point name to which the client is connected.
  • Client Hostname.
  • Client IP Address.
  • Client IP & Mode.
  • SSID.
  • MAC address.
  • Session duration.
  • Sent and received bytes Signal strenght (dBm).

  • Guest Network Management:
  • Voucher Based Access(Single/Bulk voucher generation)
  • Self Sign-on Based Access
  • SMS/OTP Based Access
  • Sponsor Based Access
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