Quantum Switches

Powering Next-Generation Enterprises

Quantum Networks Switches simplify network management, enhance security and offer reliable performance. Our manageable switches’ range includes Access, Aggregation/Core, Data Centre and Industrial switches, all managed through On-Cloud Rudder, Device GUI or On-Premises Rudder.

Versatile Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Options:

  • Unified Power and Data Connectivity:
    Power Delivery from a range of PoE options that provide power and data connectivity through a single Ethernet cable.
  • Versatile Port Configurations
    Options include 8-port, 24-port and 48-port switches to accommodate various network sizes.
  • Watts Budget Customization
    Tailor the power output to your needs, with budgets ranging from 130 to 740 Watts, ensuring adaptability to different power requirements.

Simplified Network Management:

  • User-Friendly Setup
    Quantum Networks Switches offer an effortless configuration process, ensuring a quick and straightforward setup for users.
  • Centralized Network Control
    Experience seamless management of your entire network through cloud-managed Quantum RUDDER, our feature-rich management console. Streamline your network operations with centralized control at your fingertips.

Achieve enhanced network security

Improve network security through the implementation of a comprehensive range of measures that align with the principles of zero trust. This involves seamless integration with leading Network Access Control (NAC) Policy Managers to reinforce the protection of the access layer.

Port Security

Private VLAN

Dynamic ARP Inspection

Q-pass, Aruba Clearpass,
Cisco ISE


  • OOB Management:
    Provides easily deployed futuristic customer engagement solutions OOB and Network port-based Quantum Rudder onboarding.
  • Enterprise-Class Features
    Provides enterprise-class features like VLAN, Routing, STP/MSTP/RSTP, 802.1xVirtual Stacking, DHCP Snooping, LACP, etc.
  • One-Time Licensing
    Quantum Rudder serves perpetual management licensing for hassle-free management.
  • Easy to Manage
    Easily manage all Quantum Networks products through the feature-rich Quantum Rudder management console.
  • Enhanced QOS
    Supports configurable QoS queues for converged Voice, Video and Data applications.

Loaded with Advanced Features:

Core Switches

  • Engineered for high-performance demands.
  • Non-blocking line-rate performance on all ports for seamless data transfer.
  • Supports diverse layer-3 routing protocols to enhance adaptability.
  • High-availability features in both hardware and software for reliability.
  • Optical communication capabilities on access, uplink and stacking ports.

Enterprise Switches

  • Scalability, stability and flexibility for Enterprise access deployment.
  • Full stack of Enterprise features: layer-2, layer-3 and stacking.
  • Seamless interoperability with Quantum Networks products.
  • Pivotal role in meeting the dynamic requirements of Enterprise and Campus networks.
  • Robust Layer-2 switching and Layer-3 routing capabilities for high-performance networking.

Industrial Switches

  • Versatile deployment in various sectors.
  • Robust features: redundant power, PoE, optical uplinks, superior QoS.
  • Enhanced performance: resilience, high bandwidth, improved security.
  • Cost-effective: Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Purpose-built design: Challenging conditions, digitization, cyber threat protection, downtime reduction.

Qasa Switches

  • Exceptional performance, suitable for expanding businesses.
  • Enterprise-level Quality of Service (QoS) for optimized network performance.
  • Advanced security measures and comprehensive management capabilities.
  • Store-and-forward technology for efficient bandwidth distribution.
  • Dynamic memory allocation optimizes performance.


  • Versatile Ethernet connectivity for varied speed and distance needs.
  • Full standards compliance with Quantum Networks switches.
  • Diverse product range for ISPs, Enterprises and SMBs.
  • Seamless integration with Quantum Networks switches.
  • High-performance and scalable solutions for diverse networking environments.


Cost-efficient Solution

  • Unified Wired and Wireless Access
    Quantum Networks Switches seamlessly integrate with Quantum Wireless APs and the Rudder cloud controller, offering a cost-effective, high-performance solution for unified wired and wireless access.
  • Optimized Performance
    Engineered for efficiency, Quantum Switches provide a unified access solution, ensuring optimal performance while minimizing costs for a streamlined network experience.

Engineered to Face Extreme Challenges

  • Versatility in Challenging Environments
    Quantum Switches are designed to excel in diverse environments, overcoming challenges in location, topology and connectivity requirements to ensure reliable operation under extreme conditions.
  • Ease of Deployment
    Easy to deploy, manage and configure straight out of the box, Quantum Switches offer a hassle-free solution for organizations facing extreme challenges in network deployment and management.

Suitable for Every Need

  • Versatile Deployment Options
    Quantum Switches cater to various deployment scenarios, including enterprise and campus setups, carrier environments, aggregation tasks and small network top-of-rack installations.
  • Scalable Solutions
    Whether for large enterprises or smaller networks, Quantum Switches provide scalable solutions to meet the specific needs of different environments and network sizes.

Centrally Managed by Quantum RUDDER

  • Enterprise-Class Management
    Quantum Switches support centralized management through Quantum Rudder, offering an enterprise-class single point of control for the entire network, enhancing overall manageability.
  • Effortless Network Management
    Manage all Quantum Networks products seamlessly through the feature-rich Quantum Rudder management console. The user-friendly interface eliminates the need for extra effort, simplifying the network management process.

Revolutionize your connectivity with Quantum Networks Switches. With a wide range of solutions, our switches simplify network management, enhance security and deliver reliable performance. Cost-efficient and engineered to face extreme challenges, Quantum Switches offer an ideal solution for various deployments. Centrally managed by Quantum Rudder, these networking switches provide a unified, feature-rich console for effortless network control. Elevate your network with Quantum Networks, where every solution is designed for the demands of modern connectivity.