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Network Management Services

Q-services collectively revolutionize network management services, ensuring unwavering reliability, top-tier security and optimal performance within the Quantum technology landscape. These cloud-managed services are designed to deliver secure, efficient and high-performance network solutions, providing businesses with state-of-the-art capabilities.

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Quantum Rudder
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Network and Services Controller

Quantum Rudder is our cloud-based solution that simplifies network management. It allows you to access, manage, and troubleshoot your network from anywhere in the world. Experience the freedom and flexibility that Quantum Rudder offers and say goodbye to the limitations of in-person network management.

Quantum Service Management Platform

QSMP provides cloud-based, traditional, fully managed Wi-Fi guest services to ensure secure, scalable, stress-free Wi-Fi services. QSMP simplifies and aligns the process of onboarding guests on a Wi-Fi network.

Zero Trust Network Access

QPASS is a solution to secure your enterprise. The service is completely delivered through reliable, scalable and secure cloud infrastructure, which supports open 802.1X Radius standards. It secures wireless and wired networks from unauthorized access.

Quantum Access Manager

Quantum Access Manager is a Cloud/Virtual hosted, unified platform to provision, deploy and audit access to entire stack of computing resources. IT administrators can easily provision access to wireless networks, wired networks, VPN and web applications for enterprise users and guest users, enterprise enrollment devices, BYOD and IoT devices.

Network Monitoring System

Q-NMS is a powerful SaaS platform that revolutionizes network management with centralized monitoring and fault management. Designed to meet the demands of fast-paced organizations, it ensures critical IT infrastructure uptime, supports diverse devices and streamlines remote configuration. Explore the efficiency of monitoring, managing and optimizing your network with Q-NMS.

Log Management Service

Q-Log offers robust enterprise-scale Log Management services designed for seamless collection, secure storage, analysis and long-term archival of diverse logs. With a focus on compliance, encryption and efficient storage solutions, Q-Log ensures organizations can derive actionable insights from their logs while meeting regulatory requirements.