Multi-WAN Routing Device

Product Overview

Manage and Monitor up to five WAN connections. QN-S-100 supports up to 4 Wired WAN ports and one cellular (USB) WAN port. Administrators can implement Link Load Balancing policies based on various protocols to optimize WAN usage and steer traffic to links in accordance with corporate needs.

Sentry of branch networks – Administrators can manage inbound access, outbound access and Tunnels on a single device. Inbound access (L2TPVPN), outbound access and Tunnels (IPsec and GRE) can be implemented. Administrators can deploy various network topologies as per their Wide Area Network requirements.

Stateful Firewall

2 x ETH, 1 x USB WAN Interface

4 x ETH, 1 x SFP LAN Interface

  • Multiple interface can be defined as WAN or LAN
  • Intelligent ISP failover
  • Link method DHCP, Static IP, PPPoE
  • Link health check
  • Surfing quota
  • Dynamic DNS service
  • VLAN support
  • Multiple LAN network
  • Independent DHCP server for each network
  • Extended DHCP options
  • DHCP lease reservation
  • DNS cache and proxy support
  • IPSec VPN
  • GRE tunnel
  • Q-Bond
Inbound Access
  • L2TP server for remote client connection
  • Port forwarding on LAN clients

Product Features

Outbound Access
  • Multiple algorithm for outgoing traffic
  • Per-service load distribution on multiple ISP
  • Intelligent failover on multiple ISP
  • Secure session persistence
NAT Mappings
  • Many-to-one NAT for outbound access
  • One-to-one NAT for inbound / outbound access
Routing Protocols
  • Stateful firewall
  • Device DoS protection
  • Application policy control
  • Per device session control
Bandwidth Management
  • Shared bandwidth for group of devices
  • Bandwidth allotment per device
  • Bandwidth allotment per service
Other Features
  • External captive portal support
  • RADIUS support
  • Secure device access
  • NTP support
  • Data usage analytics
  • Real-time bandwidth usage