Quantum Gateways

Always-on Enterprises

Quantum Networks Gateways provide an always-on, unbreakable WAN connection across multiple ISPs, ensuring secure and reliable enterprise networks.
  • Quantum Gateways offers a reliable path for organizations to migrate from legacy MPLS-based networks to secure and low-cost Internet WAN networks to connect their branch offices and remote workers.
  • Customers can choose any mix of fiber, Ethernet and USB modem connections as a WAN.
  • The gateway device enables active-active link usage, application and user-aware QoS prioritization and dynamic path selection to enhance Internet uptime by mitigating link issues.
  • The gateway also offers site-to-site secure connectivity over the Internet.

Manage from Anywhere, Anytime

Discover Quantum Gateways

Never-down WAN Connections

Capacity and Resiliency Improvement
Seamlessly balances traffic across multiple links, supporting diverse aggregation scenarios for MPLS and Internet circuits.
Active-Active Mode
Distributes traffic evenly across multiple circuits, enhancing load balancing for improved performance and fault tolerance in network operations.
Preconfigured Timers
Determine fallback mechanisms to prevent network
disruption from flapping.
Customizable Management Policies
Guiding link failover and prioritizing applications ensures business-critical applications receive optimal capacity in dynamic network scenarios.
Active-Passive and Active-Active-Passive Modes
Allows customers to designate one or two active connections and a secondary connection for reliability

Never down WAN Connections

Gateway device improves capacity and resiliency by balancing traffic across links. Multiple link aggregation scenarios for MPLS and Internet circuits are supported. In active-active mode, gateway balances traffic across circuits. Using active-passive or active-active-passive, customers can designate one or two active connection(s) and a secondary connection for reliability purposes.
Regardless, should a brownout or blackout occur on a link, gateway device auto switches traffic to the best available link. Customizable management policies guide link failover, prioritizing applications so business-critical applications continue to receive the optimum capacity. Preconfigured timers determine fallback, preventing flapping from disrupting network operation.


Manage and Monitor multiple WAN connections and two cellular (USB) WAN ports. Administrators can implement Link Load Balancing policies based on various protocols to optimize WAN usage and steer traffic to links in accordance with corporate needs.


Manage and Monitor up to Six WAN connections. QN-S-200 supports up to 4 Wired WAN ports and two cellular (USB) WAN ports. Administrators can implement Link Load Balancing policies based on various protocols to optimize WAN usage and steer traffic to links in accordance with corporate needs.


Manage and Monitor up to five WAN connections. QN-S-100 supports up to 4 Wired WAN ports and one cellular (USB) WAN port. Administrators can implement Link Load Balancing policies, based on various protocols to optimize WAN usage and steer traffic to links in accordance with corporate needs.


QN-S-50 provides WAN connectivity over Ethernet with cellular backup. It supports dual-mode connections and can operate in masquerade or IP forwarding mode.

Zero-Touch Deployment

Traditionally, setting up branches with network and security appliances involved intricate configurations and on-site visits, presenting challenges when IT personnel weren’t available locally. Quantum Gateways revolutionize branch deployment with zero-touch simplicity.

Here's how it works:

  • The only requirements for the gateway device are power and an Internet connection.
  • Automated Configuration: Once online, the gateway seamlessly connects to the nearest Rudder cloud controller, eliminating the need for manual setup.
  • Instant Operation: Quantum Gateways run effortlessly, making branch deployment hassle-free, even without on-site IT personnel.

Dynamic Path Selection​

Experience unparalleled network performance and reliability with our gateway network device. Our gateways offer a range of powerful features designed to optimize your internet connectivity:

Intelligent Link Selection

  • Monitors link utilization in real-time
  • Dynamically selects the optimum link based on preconfigured network rules

Outbound policy customization

  • Pinpoint services or applications to specific transports.
  • Prioritize business-critical applications on high-quality, symmetric fiber links and leisure applications on lower-quality, asymmetric links.

Redundancy and Failover

Quantum Gateways has multiple WAN connections for failover and redundancy, ensuring uninterrupted service.

Advanced Traffic Steering Algorithms

Choose from a variety of traffic steering algorithms to fine-tune your network:
  • Weighted Balance
  • Traffic Overflow
  • Session Persistence
  • Traffic Enforced
  • Link Priority

Layer 3 Routing

  • Routing Protocol Support: Quantum Gateways offer a choice of routing protocols, including Static, OSPF (V2) and RIP (V2), catering to various network needs.
  • Efficient policy management simplifies configuration and monitoring of routing policies, ensuring secure data flow.

Monitoring and Observability

  • Comprehensive Dashboard: Quantum Gateways provides a comprehensive dashboard for monitoring link status and traffic per interface, application and host.
  • Traffic Observability: Rich logs in the dashboard enable efficient incident tracing and resolution for network issues.

Bandwidth Management and QoS

Bandwidth Management for Business Alignment:
  • Gateway enforces Bandwidth Management rules to align network usage with business priorities.
  • Critical traffic gets guaranteed upstream/downstream capacity; other traffic operates on a best-effort basis.
Customized Rules for Control
  • Rules include priorities and capacity limits where applicable.
  • Administrators can modify or create rules network-wide or per IP, ensuring tailored control over bandwidth allocation.

Inbound VPN traffic and tunneling protocols

Inbound Access and Encryption:
  • Quantum Gateways provides Inbound access through port forwarding and L2TP+IPSEC VPN server.
  • Robust IPSEC tunnels employ advanced AES encryption to secure network traffic.
Seamless Connection for Remote Teams:
  • Support tunneling algorithms like GRE/L2TP+IPSEC for branch office connections.
  • Flowless collaboration by enabling remote team member connections.

QBOND – Reliable Link bonding

QBOND offers reliable link aggregation based on per-packet WAN steering. If the link is out of service, session persistence is maintained for the continuity of enterprise applications.

Security and ACL

Network administrators can also define and monitor security policies such as block ports, protocols, applications, or firewall policies. Gateways also support full NAS functionality to manage hotspots and integrate with a radius for authentication and accounting.

Explore the networks of unbreakable and secure WAN connectivity with Quantum Gateways in networking. Our Gateways seamlessly bridge the gap between legacy MPLS-based networks and cost-effective Internet WAN solutions, ensuring always-on, reliable connections for enterprises. With features like dynamic path selection and zero-touch deployment, Quantum Gateways redefine network resilience. Choose Quantum for a future where connectivity is not just a link but an unbreakable bridge to seamless enterprise operations.