L. D. College of Engineering

Vertical : Education Sector


The institute needs to provide wireless internet service to their faculty, students, and visitors. The students should be able to access the Wi-Fi to access the educational material to study online class videos from the open media platform.


LD College of Engineering approached our partner/SI M/s. Vardhan Insys Pvt Ltd to provide the most appropriate Wi-Fi solution for their new library.


Quantum enterprise-grade Access Points and Switches deployed with user authentication solution and throughput data management.


LD College of Engineering wanted to give free Wi-Fi access to students to use for educational material by providing reliable and high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity across the library to authenticated users only.


LD College of Engineering partnered with Quantum Networks to deploy enterprise-grade Wi-Fi infrastructure capable of handling the demands of hundreds of simultaneous users.


With the new Wi-Fi infrastructure in place, LD College of Engineering experienced a significant improvement in student satisfaction scores related to Wi-Fi connectivity. Students reported faster speeds, seamless connectivity, and fewer disruptions, leading to increased positive reviews and better online education for the future.

Faculty Feedback

This is a fantastic initiative by LD College of Engineering in implementing this change. The robust Quantum Networks secured Wi-Fi infrastructure not only enhances the learning experience but also supports the institution's commitment to embracing technology for educational advancement. The students are benefitting from faster speeds and smoother
connectivity, ultimately leading to a more conducive online learning environment. This proactive approach to addressing technological needs reflects our commitment to providing students with the tools they need to succeed in their academic pursuits. Quantum Networks helped us by deploying their best technology to enhance our Wi-Fi experience.