Dual-Band 802.11ac (2x2) Outdoor Access Point


Today, outdoor venues such as Transportation hubs, Stadiums, and Education campuses demand high-performing, reliable Wi-Fi services. Outdoor Access Points throw increased challenges such as higher interference and higher user density areas.

QN-O-230 smart antenna and MIMO technology provide high data rates even in high-density and high-interference environments. SFP backhaul port allows service providers to backhaul data over fiber without the need for the additional hardware devices to convert Fiber to Ethernet.

QN-O-230 is manageable through a centralized platform and supported by Quantum® Networks DevOps and maintenance. QN-O-230 can also be deployed as a standalone Access Point.

Each Access Point comes with a one year limited liability manufacturer’s warranty from DATE OF ACTIVATION and theft prevention functionality to protect assets from misuse.

Product Features

    Delivering high-performance Outdoor Wi-Fi access
  • Deploy secure and reliable outdoor hotspots at Transportation hubs, Stadiums, Smart cities and Rural Wi-Fi setups.
  • Easy to manage
  • Easily manage Wi-Fi infrastructure through feature-rich Quantum® RUDDER management console.
  • Phenomenal Wi-Fi performance
  • Engineered for phenomenal Wi-Fi performance even in high-density environments for demanding voice and video applications.
  • Gateway features bundle
  • Reduces operational costs and the expense of additional hardware required for deployment by service providers/telcos. SFP port provides high-speed fiber backhaul without any additional hardware.
  • Secure and Reliable Wi-Fi
  • Secure your network with strong encryption methods, exhaustive analytics and prevention of unauthorized access.
    Industrial Grade IP 67 enclosure
  • IP67 rating can withstand challenging environments of extreme temperatures and dusty environments.
  • Theft protection functionality
  • Access Point is locked for deployment in any other network until decommissioned from the existing network.
  • Beyond Wi-Fi
  • Implement additional QN-COLLAB© Services such as RADIUS authentication, content filtering and advanced Wi-Fi Service Management Platform.
  • One year warranty
  • One year limited liability manufacturer’s warranty from DATE OF ACTIVATION of the device.
Key Specifications


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