High Performance 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) 2X2 Indoor (Room) Access Point


Today’s businesses cannot afford underperforming wireless infrastructure. Wi-Fi coverage has become mandatory for hotel industries, educational institutions, residential apartments.

QN-H-245 is a Wi-Fi 6 Access Point offering high-performance connectivity delivering converged services experiencing largely growing numbers of IoT and mobility requirements like in hospitality industries, educational and residential areas. With a maximum real-world data rate of up to 2.9 Gbps, it delivers high speed, secure, reliable, and seamless performance needed for any indoor room environment.

QN-H-245 provides concurrent dual-band, 802.11ax wireless networking solutions. OFDMA technology provides highly efficient fast-speed, awesome coverage and smooth performance in areas like hotel rooms, class rooms, in apartments, etc. QN-H-245 is managed by Quantum® RUDDER giving freedom to enterprises from managing controller hardware, licenses, and support.

Each Access Point comes with three years limited liability manufacturer’s warranty from DATE OF ACTIVATION and theft prevention functionality to protect assets from misuse.

Product Features

    Packed With the Latest 802.11ax Technology
  • Technology QN-H-245 is packed with all the advantages of a high-efficiency supported 11ax Access Point. It supports Wi-Fi 6 features such as OFDMA, Target Wake Time, BSS Colouring, and Spatial Reuse.
  • Easy to manage
  • Easily manage Wi-Fi infrastructure through feature-rich Quantum® RUDDER management console.
  • Beyond Wi-Fi
  • Implement additional Quantum® COLLAB services such as RADIUS Authentication, Web Filtering and Advanced Wi-Fi Service Management Platform.
    Build next generation guest Wi-Fi networks
  • Deploy next-generation customer service hotspots with integrated splash portal.
  • Theft prevention functionality
  • Access Point is locked for deployment in any other network until decommissioned from the existing network.
  • Three years warranty
  • Three years limited liability manufacturer’s warranty from the DATE OF ACTIVATION of the device.
Key Specifications


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