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Q-NOS is designed to deliver reliable, faster and smarter operations. For ultimate control it is the most scalable and reliable OS, which, usually, tightly integrates with the hardware; it simply manages the communication between your software and your hardware. Q-NOS enhances the security circle of the hardware using advanced security algorithms.

Q-NOS is built ground-up to provide a secure wireless environment. Over-the-air traffic is encrypted using the latest IEE standard such as EAP-TLS/TTLS. All communication to Quantum RUDDER is encrypted ensuring complete security of network environments. Only trusted users and devices can onboard WLAN while the rest are blocked. Rogue APs are detected and alerts are sent to IT administrators.

All Q-NOS powered devices are manageable by Quantum RUDDER. The devices can be monitored not only from Quantum RUDDER but also using open software using SNMP v2/V3. It also allows manageability over Quantum ACE over Android and iOS to provide IT Managers manageability on-the-go. This allows IT Managers to be more productive and spend less time managing WLAN infrastructure.

The Q-NOS network can scale up to hundreds of thousands of devices providing scalability required for large networks such as Telco/Service Provider or next generation Smart Cities. Whatever your need or desire, Q-NOS is ready to support your vision and scale.

Q-NOS supports all open networking standards and interoperates with existing DHCP servers, RADIUS Server and External Captive portal. This allows IT Managers to easily manage and monitor network infrastructure.

Q-NOS supports host of IEEE 802.11 and 802.3. For example, 802.11r allows fast roaming of clients from one AP to another. Q-NOS also support WAN protocols such as PPPoE. NAT feature allows Q-NOS to manage IP addresses. Q-NOS also supports VLAN tagging allowing IT administrators to segment their network traffic.


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