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What is Quantum RUDDER?

  • It's a centrally managed cloud based Wi-Fi network controller, which provides easy configuration, management and monitoring solution on single tip of your device.

Can Quantum RUDDER control AP will work if connectivity goes down?

Yes, AP can work if connectivity goes down.

What will happen to client device if connectivity between AP and Quantum RUDDER goes down?

  • Client device will remain connected and new client can also be able to connect except using 802.1x , AAA, Guest pass Authentication method (802.1x , AAA, Guest pass Authentication method will work under online mode)

What about Quantum RUDDER redundancy?

Quantum provides redundancy in case of failure of primary server. Quantum uses four copies of redundancy in high availability mode.

Is Quantum RUDDER work with customer existing network? In terms of Gateway switches, Routers etc.

Quantum RUDDER hosted on VM and all Quantum APs will be manage by Quantum RUDDER .As it is not having dependency on network infrastructure lying at customer end, it will fit to any kind of existing network.

Prerequisites of Network infrastructure at customer end.

There is no dependency on Network Infrastructure, As Quantum RUDDER hosted on VM and manage all connected APs through it.

What are the features will get with Quantum RUDDER?

Quantum RUDDER provides below features.

  • AP theft management
  • Seamless roaming
  • Guest pass generation
  • AAA Integration
  • Time Scheduling
  • ACL
  • VLAN Support
  • NAT/Routing
  • Admin Management
  • Local DHCP server in AP

Does Quantum RUDDER supports Hotspot?

Yes, it does support Hotspot WISPr ("Wireless Internet Service Provider roaming").

Does Quantum RUDDER supports AAA (Authentication, Authorization and Accounting) via Radius?

Yes, Quantum RUDDER supports Authentication, Authorization and Accounting via Radius.

On which basic OS Quantum RUDDER works?

Quantum RUDDER works on its own developed QNOS.

Does Quantum cloud controller supports centralized management for AP's -like configuration, fault diagnostics, performance management?

Yes, Quantum RUDDER supports centralized management. We can do configuration of AP's and can manage and diagnostic fault of AP's centrally.

How firmware upgradation of AP managed by Quantum RUDDER?

User can directly or schedule Firmware upgrade of AP through Quantum RUDDER.

How firmware upgradation of independent AP works.

User will be able to upgrade firmware of AP through local web console.

Does Quantum RUDDER supports AP grouping?

Yes, Quantum RUDDER support AP grouping where we can enable multiple WLANs as required.

Does Quantum RUDDER provide notification, alert via Email or SMS?

Yes, both options are available.

Does Quantum RUDDER support Syslog server?

Yes, Quantum RUDDER Supports External Syslog server.

Why do I need to register ?

Registration is simple and provides users with increased site functionality as well as access to create new Quantum RUDDER account. By registering you are also able to manage multiple Access Points centrally.

Why can’t I register ?

There is no common reason why you can't register for Quantum RUDDER account: Please follow the instruction displayed over sign up page to register your account, for further assistance please contact technical support.

I registered but cannot login ?

You should have received a verification email (account activation link) shortly after signing up with instructions to activate your account (by clicking the link provided in the email). If you did not receive this e-mail, first check your junk box or spam folder and make sure it did not accidentally end up there. If that doesn't work, contact us directly at and we will be glad to assist you.

I registered in the past but cannot login anymore?

You may have entered an incorrect username or password. If you've forgotten either one, you can recover your username or recover your password. Please click on forget password and enter your registered e-mail address, we'll send youa link to recreate your new password. Or to know your register e-mail id/user id, please click on forget password and enter your registered mobile number, we'll send your account information to the Mobile Number that you registered with your account. For further assistance please contact support and we'll help you recover your account.

I’ve lost my password!

You can change your password for security reasons or reset it if you have lost it. Please click on forget password and enter your registered e-mail address, we'll send you a link to recreate your new password. For further assistance please contact support and we'll help you.

How do I create a new topic or post my feedback ?

You may create a new topic or post your feedback over our blog.

How do I edit or delete a post ?

Only Admin has rights to edit or delete a post. Please contact our support team and request an e-mail with the reason of edit/delete the post.

What is the support policy?

  • QN provides three years warranty on hardware. It does not include PoE, power adopter and other accessories.

What is the RMA procedure?

The client/Partner has to generate RMA ticket from their login and support team is responsible to get back to the client/partner within 24 working hours.

What is the default License policy?

  • Personal Quantum RUDDER account has life time free license subscription. Enterprise Quantum RUDDER account has first year free subscription follows by renewal activation key with nominal annual recurring charge.

How do I extend license subscription?

Client may simply place an order for license subscription SKU from the partner portal.

What's the sales contact?

  • Please drop your mail to, our sales representative will be contacting you in 24 Hrs. Or you may also visit URL-

How to apply to become a Quantum Partner/ Dealer?

The Companies/individuals who are interested to becoming a Quantum partner please visit and click on "Register Here" to complete the partner application.

Is a Demo available? How we can proceed for Demo?

  • No, you need to buy the product for your demo requirement.