Quantum COLLAB is our platform for delivering custom-made solutions that are industry specific.

It is industry’s first multi-OEM single solution collaborative platform where we create bespoke business-centric network solutions.

What if your Wi-Fi system were capable of ‘talking’ to the Hospital Management System (HMS) in a healthcare institution?

Or the Property Management System (PMS) of a hotel?

Or, perhaps, the Visitor Management System (VMS) of a large enterprise?

And when it does so, does it automate the Wi-Fi onboarding process?

With the advent of Quantum COLLAB, we have created a platform which can integrate with any third-party software. Quantum COLLAB uses the integration to onboard Wi-Fi clients, creating a user experience like no other system has ever offered. Thus, the client’s IT team does not have to worry about multiple systems.

your industry, your needs > we deliver.

Call and we will create a networking solution that is uniquely yours.